Control and Optimization in Partial Differential Equations

a special session at the

International Conference on Differential Equations and Topology
dedicated to the centennial Anniversary of L.S. Pontryagin

Moscow, June 17-22, 2008


Confirmed Invited Speakers:

·  G. Avalos (University of Nebraska, USA)

·  V. Borisov (MSU, Moscow)

·  P. Cannarsa (University of Roma, Italy)

·  O. Emanouvilov (Colorado State University, USA)

·  A. Fursikov (MSU, Moscow)

·  S. Hansen (Iowa State University, USA)
·  R. Hildebrand (Joseph Fourier University, France)
·  V. Komornik (University of Strassburg, France)
·  A. Kowalewski (Institute of Automatics, Poland)

·  I. Lasiecka (University of Virginia, USA)

·  J.-P. Loheac (Ecole centrale de Lyon, France)

·  V. Maksimov (Institute of Math. & Mech., Ekaterinburg)

·  L. Manita (Moscow Institute of Electr. & Math., Moscow)

·  A. Melikyan (Institute for Problems in Mech., Moscow)

·  N. Melnikov (MSU, Moscow)

·  P. Mormul (Warsaw University, Poland)

·  A. Nikitin (MSU, Moscow)

·  M. Potapov (MSU, Moscow)

·  C. Preda (University of California at Los Angeles, USA)

·  D. Silin (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)

· S. Stepin (MSU, Moscow)

·  R. Triggiani (University of Virginia, USA)

·  V. Ushakov (Institute of Math. & Mech., Ekaterinburg)

·  F. Vasiliev (MSU, Moscow)

·  M. Zelikin (MSU, Moscow)

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